A beautiful outdoor wedding venue  located in west Mobile

We're Getting Married

Option 2

​3 hours in our beautifully decorated backyard.  You will be able to tie the knot under the tulle draped pergola, this includes up to 40 chairs for friends and family, a round wooden spool for cutting a cake, two 6‘ tables for simple refreshments and 4 round tables.  Keep in mind 3 hours goes by fast!  Most couples arrive dressed and ready, with the ceremony starting 30 min after your arrival.  This is designed for the couple who wants to keep the wedding simple. But also to still invite a few more friends and enjoy this special day with a one hour reception.  All weddings are reserved with 50% down.
Option 2:  We're Getting Married​


Available​​ day or night Monday - Friday
Saturday 9am-12pm


Hey Baby Let's Get Married

Option 1

1 hour reserved in our beautifully decorated backyard.  Tie the knot under the tulle draped pergola and you'll have up to 20 chairs for friends and family.  A great option for the couple who is considering just going to the court house but wants a little bit more. This package allows you to just show up ready and have a beautiful simple ceremony without all the headache and expense. Lots of brides want to enjoy being in the moment and end up adding an hour to this package.  For just $125 you can add an hour for taking lots of pictures or even cut a small wedding cake!  An affordable way to help you create great memories.​  All weddings are reserved with 50% down.  We can officiate this wedding for you for an additioal $50.


Option 1: Hey Baby Let's Get Married​


Available day or night Monday - Thursday Only​

Courthouse Wedding

​All you need is 15 min, your ID, and marriage license!  We will marry you in the quaint inside room in front of the beautiful fireplace or outside in front of the pergola under the magnificent oak trees. Appointment times are available anytime Mon-Thur, you can call to check availaibilty on a Friday. All we need is 24 hr notice. Cash or credit card.  We believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Courthouse wedding​



Available day or night Monday - Friday ​
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